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We help Fort Wayne businesses feel confident in their technology by helping their take control of IT support and IT service issues. Proud to be Indiana-based serving Fort Wayne, Warsaw, Huntington, Portland, and Decatur.

About Us

Born out of a central Indiana based company, founded in 1930, Leap Managed IT has a heritage in using technology to help organizations become more efficient and achieve their goals.

We’re here to foster the one-on-one relationship you need to feel confident that your organization is secure and positioned for success.

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We make you feel smart. Empowered. And confident

You should never wake up worrying if your data is secure or what will happen if your computer network has an outage.

We take care of that. We don't just put out fires, we help prevent them before there is even a spark.

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Our Values


We believe when people feel confident, supported and challenged, they feel empowered to do great things inside and outside the office. This is why we work hard to maintain a team culture that provides great experiences for those who work for us and those who work with us.


Service quality shouldn’t change based on the person who helps you. Our entire team strives for excellence, providing you a high level of service with each customer interaction, no matter the situation.


We started in a small community, and it’s still part of our foundation. Making a difference in the community and sharing our insights is our biggest source of inspiration, whether that is providing educational opportunities, supporting local businesses or encouraging our team to volunteer where they can.


Amazing things happen when we come together, which is why we serve as more than an I.T. handyman when your computer breaks down. We think of ourselves as your business partner, someone you can turn to for assistance to help your organization grow. We want to make goals happen.

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