Benefits of Cloud Computing

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The technology shift is increasing every day, and it’s becoming a practice to move from traditional storage to the internet in recent years. Cloud computing is all about what we are mentioning here. This service is equipped with different facilities like servers, database, applications, storage and more. It’s about storing your data on a remote database over the internet, instead of storing it in local storage.

We, Fort Wayne IT Support providers, will share some important data about “Cloud Computing” in this article so that you may think about possible technology shifts for your business.

By 2025, there will be over 100 zettabytes of data stored in the cloud

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is all about the delivery of computing services that includes storage, database, servers, software, analytics, networking, and intelligence. It is the technology that uses the internet for managing data on remote servers rather than using local servers or personal computers. The data can be accessed through the internet.

A real-time example of cloud computing is Dropbox: cloud storage that allows users to store, access and share files with unlimited sharing options.

Types of Cloud Computing

Public Cloud

These are maintained and owned by third-party cloud service providers. Some best examples of public cloud are Dropbox, Salesforce, Microsoft Azure. Here, the service providers offer servers, databases, and storage over the internet. The infrastructure is completely managed by the service provider, and the user can make use of the services and manage their accounts with the help of web browsers provided by the service provider.

Private Cloud

The cloud computing services are used completely by an organization. There are companies that would make use of third-party service providers to get their private cloud. The services would be accessible only to that particular organization or network. The private network would be responsible for the structure and maintenance of the cloud services.

Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of elements from both public and private cloud and binding them with technology that allows them to share data between them. A hybrid cloud helps your business with greater flexibility and optimizes your existing infrastructure as it allows data and applications to be moved between the private and public clouds.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Benefits Of Cloud Computing - Fort Wayne IT Support



One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is, that it is cost-effective. It helps businesses to reduce their expenses as they need not spend on the infrastructure or purchase any hardware equipment.


Cloud computing offers overall flexibility. It has the ability to quickly meet the business demands, despite the size of the business. They can easily scale up the requirements of the business instantly.


Many organizations are very much concerned about security when it comes to cloud solutions. As your data, files, and more are stored online, the cloud allows you to access it remotely. Now, you might have a question like, “what would stop cybercriminals from accessing it?” Cloud computing is more secure and is also equipped with more advanced features like access management, data encryption, authentication, and more. Hence, it ensures that all data in the cloud is safe and secure.


Most of the cloud-based solutions integrate cloud analytics to get an overview of your data. With the implementation of cloud analytics, you can analyze the stored information and increase its efficiency to meet your business needs and goals.

67% of enterprise infrastructure is cloud-based


Cloud computing is responsive and allows access to data from any device over the internet. Cloud computing makes the information available conveniently hence, the users can access the data from anywhere through any device.

Increased Collaboration

Cloud computing allows businesses to seamlessly collaborate, communicate and share information across the platform. It allows multiple users to work simultaneously in a translucent manner.

Disaster Recovery

At times there are situations that go out of control where you can’t anticipate the disaster that could harm your business. Here, the cloud solutions can help you with a speedy recovery as it has the ability to withstand any downtime like any disruptive events, natural disaster, any failures in hardware/software and more. The cloud-based services ensure business continuity and application availability as they provide quick recovery in any kind of situation. Henceforth, there are many companies who opt for cloud recovery solutions to tackle such scenarios.

Automatic Updates

Instead of manual updates from your IT department, cloud-based solutions can provide automatic updates with the latest technologies, servers and upgraded process speed for your business.

Cloud Computing Tips to Grow Your Business

  • Incorporate some guidelines that would reduce inefficient usage
  • Reduce the number of authorized users
  • Share large files in simple way by, storing them in cloud and making them accessible
  • As every user can access the project from a single source, try encouraging group project via cloud computing for better efficiency and collaboration
  • Always ensure to backing up your data in cloud to a remote location to avoid any kind of mishaps
  • Monitor your cloud setup frequently

What is Microsoft Azure and Do Business Needs it?

Azure, is a cloud computing platform that efficiently manages cloud services provided by Microsoft. The services include, storing, managing and transforming data based on the requirements. All that you have to do is connect to the Azure portal and an active internet connection.

Few interesting things about Azure that you need to know are,

  • It is a freebie initially and when you upgrade you pay only for the services you choose
  • Nearly 80% of the Fortune 500 companies are using Azure as their cloud computing platform
  • Support multiple programming languages
  • Azure has the highest number of data centers, which is around 42. Furthermore, planning to add 12 more data centers to the list

Why Do Businesses Need Azure?

Microsoft Azure, can bring in more benefits to your business and the most important ones are,

  • Using Azure, you can efficiently and seamlessly integrate with other Microsoft tools
  • It is useful for developers as it is ideal for mobile application management and deployment
  • Azure has comprehensive backup services hence, your data is secure
  • Supports multiple programming languages and operating systems. You just simply need to integrate them to your Azure environment
  • Using the tools, API, and analytics with Azure you can build and manage application easily
  • Allows to access data from anywhere using any device
  • Azure has capabilities like Machine Learning allowing to predict analytics and take decisions for the growth of your business

Cloud Computing for Business

Cloud computing allows businesses to manage their resources over the internet. It allows businesses to store, manage and access data from anywhere using any device. A cloud environment is cost-effective and improves your business efficiency. Start your migration to the cloud environment and manage your data in a more secure and efficient way.

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