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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)- Forty Wayne IT

Businesses are implementing strong security measures to protect their data and reputation as a result of the rise in cyber attacks. EDR or Endpoint Detection and Response is a modern and advanced security tool that replaces traditional security tools such as antivirus and antimalware.

Thus, EDR goes beyond the conventional methods. It gathers information from endpoints and analyzes it using behavioral methods to detect attacks. Then it isolates them for the sake of future environmental protection. Its goal is to quickly detect and respond to all malware and attacks that aren’t detectable by traditional tools. Additionally, this protects your company from becoming a target for cyber criminals.

Fort Wayne IT experts at LEAP Managed IT are here to protect your business from sophisticated attacks. In this article, we are going to share the importance of implementing EDR solutions for your business.

What is EDR?

From cyber attacks and APT (advanced persistent threats).  Not only does EDR focus on endpoint security, it continuously detects, mitigates, and isolates endpoint threats as they develop. Above all, the aim of EDR is to limit the damage that an attack could cause.

The Global Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Market was valued at USD 1.76 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 6.72 billion by 2026

EDR – Components

EDR Components - Forty Wayne IT

EDR – How Does it Work?

  • It can detect and respond to threats either before they happen or when they happen
  • Real-time detection of advanced threats
  • It can efficiently identify malware that is undetectable by traditional tools thanks to its polymorphic codes
  • EDR can perform continuous monitoring, data collection, and database creation.
  • It’s crucial for analyzing and identifying the source of the problem, as well as learning about malware
  • It aids in the prevention of threats through its built-in analytic tools and machine learning techniques
  • EDR gathers a variety of information from each endpoint, including process creation, network connections, and more
  • Provides real-time visibility to the users

What should you look for in EDR Solution?

Capabilities that you should look for in an EDR solution are,

  • An EDR should be capable of automatically sorting out suspicious events, which would help security teams to prioritize investigations
  • Should proactively help in threat hunting
  • Must be able to differentiate false and real threats
  • Should be capable of reviewing evidence and respond to security events
  • EDR should be enabled with multiple response option
According to research, 44% of IT teams need to manage between 5,000 to 500,000 endpoints, which could be an open door for cyber-attacks.

Why is EDR Important for Small and Medium Businesses?

Endpoint security is a critical component of a company’s cyber security strategy. With its tools and security analysts feature, the EDR can quickly identify threats and protect your company.

Nearly 66% of small businesses are extremely concerned about the cyber security risks

In terms of comprehensiveness, EDR differs from traditional security tools. All activities performed at endpoints are logged by the advanced security solution. As a result, the attack can be better understood and a quick response can be generated to eliminate the threats.

Importance of EDR are,

  • Provides full -visibility into the status of endpoints.
  • EDR can automate data collection and response activities.
  • Security teams can also quickly investigate security incidents and take action to correct them.
  • EDR allows threat hunters to identify and investigate the activity of existing infections.

Endpoints and Endpoints Attacks

Endpoints include desktops and servers, as well as other devices such as laptops, IoT devices, and other digital assistants. Today’s antivirus solutions can efficiently identify all types of malware, so hackers keep creating more. At the same time, identifying malware is not an easy task.

Implementing different endpoint security solutions with other security applications is complicated. There are opportunities for complications to occur during the detection and prevention process, especially when there is an overlap. An integrated endpoint security solution is the best approach for better results.

Implement EDR Today

Increase your visibility on all endpoints and start reducing the number of threats with the implementation of EDR solution to your business.

The algorithm used in the EDR system is ideal for combating advanced and ongoing attacks compared to traditional security tools. This would make an organization more resilient to cyberattacks as they attempt to attack through different endpoints.

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Author: Patrycja Thomas

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