Fort Wayne Cybersecurity: 5 Tips for Your Business

Fort Wayne Cybersecurity:  Managing and leading your organization is a challenging task on a good day.  Throw in outside forces trying to hack your systems and staying focused becomes nearly impossible.  Do not worry we have 5 cybersecurity tips that will help keep your business on track.


  • Invest in an annual network assessment
  • Utilize a cybersecurity scorecard and review monthly
  • Deploy business grade security – remember free is not better
  • Train your staff on how to be cybersafe
  • Review you cybersecurity plan every 90 days and adjust


If you have questions or need a little help.  The passionate Fort Wayne IT Support professionals at Leap Managed IT can help.

Author: Michael Thomas

Blessed to work with a group of passionate & wicked smart techies. Everyday brings new opportunities and challenges but our focus on being our clients' most trusted advisor never waivers. We love technology and enjoy even more helping our partners improve how they work.