Fort Wayne: Get Your IT & Cybersecurity Back On Track – 3 Steps to a Fast Start

Fort Wayne Tech Guide: Get Your IT & Cybersecurity Back On Track

It has been a challenging year on the IT & cybersecurity front for most Fort Wayne business owners.  IT support running to the limit and projects on perpetual hold.  Good news!  It looks like we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Probably a lot of key items fell to the back burner during the year of covid and now is a great time to take inventory to get primed for a great quarter.

We compiled a quick list of must do’s to make sure your business hits the ground running  and stays ahead of the competition.  Time to jump on a Teams meeting with your leadership group and fire up the virtual whiteboard.

3 Steps to a IT Fast Start

  • Tech Self Assessment – What’s working/What’s not working?  The key here is to use the current environment as a learning laboratory.  Did your organization handle working remotely okay or were there a lot of bumps in the road?  Make sure to detail the big frustrations.
  • Cyber Security Plan Check – Do you have a regular scorecard?  Did you execute an annual pen test?  This is an ever changing game.
  • 5 Year Goals – We realize 5 year goals might get stretched into year 6.  What problem or task/process needs to be solved to be 1% better everyday?  A little change goes a long way 5 years down the road.  What are the big fundamental challenges you need to overcome to achieve your plan?

Great job to you and your team.  You all survived a tough and challenging environment.

Leap Forward!


Author: Michael Thomas

Blessed to work with a group of passionate & wicked smart techies. Everyday brings new opportunities and challenges but our focus on being our clients' most trusted advisor never waivers. We love technology and enjoy even more helping our partners improve how they work.